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1. Have they been employed by the same employer for at least six months?

2. Do they earn at least $1000 per month?

3. Do they have a checking account that’s been open and active for at least three months?

4. Do they have any NSFs or overdrafts in the last 30 days?

5. Do they deposit at least $500 per month into the account and have at least five transactions?

Documents We May Require:

 1. Last 30 day bank statement

2. Most recent paystub

3. Voided check (OR Bank Account Verification Form)

4. Photo IDcontact progressive financing 1877-898-1970

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Casa Bella Furniture
153 W 29 Street
Hialeah, FL 33012
ph:(305) 885-4999   fax:(305) 885-0266
E-mail - casabella180@bellsouth.net
Store Hours Monday - Saturday open 9AM to 7PM
Sunday Open 10AM - 5PM (Open every day.)

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It's so easy to apply for credit at Casa Bella Furniture. We have been offering financing to our customers for years.  To make it even easier, you can apply for a regular Credit Account. Check it out, and see how easy it is to get what you want. Come in or Call us, we are here to Help.

It’s Easy to Qualify


Step 1 - Customer Fills out application (online or Fax)

80% are approved on “Step 1” alone!

Step 2 - Even customers who aren’t approved on “application only” can still qualify when the following simple requirements are provided:

Most recent pay check stub verifying:

Minimum $1,000 gross income per month
Customer needs to have been employed for past six months at the same job or within the same industry (No temp service)
Year-to-Date totals need to be shown on check stub provided showing earned income for that year

Most recent complete bank statement verifying:

$500 in deposits in the month
Daily balances with positive balance at beginning and end of statement
Zero NSF fees or return charges
Less than 6 overdraft charges
More than 5 transactions in the month to be considered an active account

Voided Check or bank verification form:

Check must match the account number on the bank statement

Copy of Photo ID

Exceptions to our EASY requirements:

Self Employed

Need to submit 3 months of bank statements

Retirement/Social Security/VA/Long Term Disability,     

Need to provide benefit letter                                                                                        

Casa Bella Furniture Financing Available

Financing page.

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Financing page.

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Casa Bella Furniture has Financing available for every customer.